"Ron has been working on my new website www.shoredrive.co.nz since it was launched a year ago. He wrote all the content and also runs my modest Adwords campaigns. The website is now generating a significant level of bookings for my driving school. It would have all been in the 'too hard' basket, if it was not for Ron."

Adrian Davies

Shore Driving School

Martin Albrecht, owner of the large website www.goodground.com who said: “I don’t know how we would have got our website together without the help of Ron. Not only did he write 40,000 words for our website but his wireframing ability and his expert Internet knowledge has proven invaluable to us ‘online beginners’. Thanks to Ron, goodGround Ltd has a great website – one that virtually sells real estate online!”

Ron has since developed a further four websites for goodGround and manages all their many Adwords campaigns

Superb - Ron knows all the latest website trends and provides a practical, applied approach to improving website outcomes.

Highly Recommended!

Glenn Skinner

CEO Orion Distributors Ltd


Services We Offer


Setting up a new website? Or revamping an existing one? Not sure if you have the right skills to oversee such a complex project? Or not able to take time out of your busy day to devote to a myriad of website issues? Ron has worked as a Project Manager for the largest website developer in New Zealand and has worked on some very big projects. Let Ron take the hassles out of your new website project. Call Ron on 0274 777753 for a free consultation.


How is your website ranking in Google? If you are not on the first page of Google search, then your website will not attract organic traffic. That means you will have to pay heavily to promote or advertise your website.  Organic traffic is free - you just need a high ranking in the search engines. We can get the ranking you need with a variety of search engine-friendly tactics. 


Do you need articles or blogs to promote your website and draw good, organic traffic? Do you need customised Landing Pages that will rank highly for targeted keywords? You can have one of NZ's leading content creators writing for your website for a very reasonable cost. Contact pus for a free consultation.


Do you need to attract visitors to your website while it is climbing up the Google rankings ladder? It can take 3-12 months for major improvements in rankings. Meanwhile you may need to spend on Google Adwords to attract targeted traffic to your website to give you Leads and Sales. We are experts in Adwords and will ensure you get best bang for your Adwords buck. Visit Ron's Adwords website www.google-adwords.tech for more information and articles.


Is your website converting visitors into Enquiries or Sales? Or do you have heaps of visitors but very few enquiries? That means there is some issue that is causing visitors to leave the website without taking any action. Maybe the website loads too slowly. Or there are no/poor calls to action. Get us to undertake a free audit of your website and we will tell you what we think needs to be done.


Are you spending too much of your valuable time attending to website matters, like loading content, writing articles/blogs, updating the website, keeping up with Google changes, etc, etc. Consider outsourcing the management of your website to us and get back to doing what you do best - running your business.


Is your website producing leads or sales that meet your expectations? If not, get us to carry out a free audit of your website and find out what is going wrong. We will then meet with you and put forward our recommendations to get your website working. Your website should be your #1 marketing tool - if it is not, call us and get a free Website Audit.

More Leads = more sales = more profits!

Call Ron on 0274 777753