"Ron has been working on my new website www.shoredrive.co.nz since it was launched a year ago. He wrote all the content and also runs my modest Adwords campaigns. The website is now generating a significant level of bookings for my driving school. It would have all been in the 'too hard' basket, if it was not for Ron."

Adrian Davies

Shore Driving School

Martin Albrecht, owner of the large website www.goodground.com who said: “I don’t know how we would have got our website together without the help of Ron. Not only did he write 40,000 words for our website but his wireframing ability and his expert Internet knowledge has proven invaluable to us ‘online beginners’. Thanks to Ron, goodGround Ltd has a great website – one that virtually sells real estate online!”

Ron has since developed a further four websites for goodGround and manages all their many Adwords campaigns

Superb - Ron knows all the latest website trends and provides a practical, applied approach to improving website outcomes.

Highly Recommended!

Glenn Skinner

CEO Orion Distributors Ltd


Ranking Factors for 2017

The following research conducted by SEMRush found the following were

the most important ranking factors:

 The key points from that research were:

  • Website Visits

The number of visits to a website is the most important ranking factor for the latest Google algorithm. Websites with higher authority definitely gain more traffic. As a result, those websites are more likely to gain a top ranking position. And the closer they are to the #1 position, the more traffic they get.

  • Time spent on website

User behaviour stats, such as time on site; pages per session and bounce rate demonstrate the effectiveness of the website in engaging a visitor. That demonstrates the authority of a website and that will influence its ranking. The higher a page's ranking; thelower is its bounce rate

  • Links from other websites

The number of referring domains has consistently been an important Google ranking factor for many years. The authority of those inbound links contributes significantly to the authority of the linked-to website and affects its ranking. Spammy links with poor authority may now lead to ranking penalties. Your backlink profile should be diverse and be comprised of trustworthy domains.

  • Website Security

This is a newish ranking factor with Google stating that website security, as indicated by https implementation, is important but not as a ranking determinant. Although website security is becoming important due to the prevalence of hacking, having an https version of your website will not drastically change its ranking. But Google do want you to provide your visitors with a safe Internet experience.

  • On-page SEO

Surprisingly, for many experienced SEO professionals, the influence of on-page SEO factors proved to be insignificant. While it is still good practice, it does not have a major influence on ranking. So, many of those providers of website SEO Audits may need to change their software.

  • Quality Content

There is still no doubt that if you have quality, unique and relevant content, you are well on the way to a high ranking. Other (quality) websites will link to you and visitors will be attracted to your website. Plus they will spend time on your website and you will have a low bounce rate. The best length for an article is still not set but research shows that top-ranked pages have around 750 words on the page.

  • Keyword in Title

Despite the reduced importance of on-page SEO factors, research show that for competitive, high volume keywords, the higher-ranked websites had keywords in their titles - like www.website-consultant.co.nz (#3 in Google New Zealand, #1 in Bing) and www.website-consultant.com (#2 in Bing).